Monini | Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Product of Italy | Highest quality ingredients sourced from the pure soils of Italy to provide the finest tastes to your cooking and delicacy needs. Enjoy this product knowing that you are bringing a true, rich taste directly from Italy
  • Great Flavor | Only a few drops of this premier olive oil are needed to enhance your dish for full flavor
  • 100 Years of Perfection | Monini is proud to have been producing the finest Italian products for over a century. From sourcing the finest ingredients through the pristine lands of Italy, Monini has cemented itself as one of the best brands and time has proven it
  • Generations of Tradition | As a family business, tradition means everything. This is why Monini’s success has been passed down from generation to generation and keeps the family history alive with each and every bottle


Monini | Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Everything that one could expect from a true ‘Originale’

This fine extra virgin oil is made from olives picked directly from the plant at a precise ripening level, and processed within 24 hours. It is a green-tinted oil with golden shades, presenting excellent organoleptic properties and high digestibility, superior to that of seeds, butter, fat and lard.

Its balanced and harmonious flavors make Originale a very versatile oil, perfect for:

  • Red meat
  • Roast dishes
  • Boiled dishes
  • Sauces and marinades
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